A New Sequel! Book II: Ambassador of Goodwill

The sequel to Charles the Lion Dog is here! In BOOK II Ambassador of Goodwill Charles' young owner Daniel returns with his new best friend Callie and together they help Charles realize his full potential as a service dog. From helping kids read in the library and protecting old folks from harm, to visiting the injured in the hospital and uplifting the spirits of those who are ill, Charles truly becomes an Ambassador of Goodwill and everyone learns a wonderful lesson in the process.

Wondrously written and spectacularly illustrated, this 32-page, 8.5”X11” hardcover, FIRST-EDITION book is destined to become your youngster’s all-time favorite as it mixes childhood fantasy with the TRUE tale of Charles, a labradoodle in Norfolk, VA who actually was mistaken for a real lion and became an international celebrity! Watch video

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